Being an outreach center in AIT, which is an international post-graduate academic and research institute, ACECOMS is in a unique position to carry out research and provide consultancy in a broad spectrum of areas, independently, as well by drawing on and collaborating with extensive resources, including the faculty in various disciplines, experts in other outreach centers as well as pool of doctoral and master students.The Center generally undertakes research and consultancy projects that fall within the scope of civil and structural engineering, with particular focus on computational and design aspects, and has successfully completed several projects in the recent years and is currently involved in many more in various countries.ACECOMS has demonstrated its capability to contribute to research and consultancy in the following areas in particular:

  • Development and verification of new structural systems and technologies through a combined physical testing and numerical simulation and analysis.
  • Investigation of failures and structural damage, as well as strength evaluation and certification through combined laboratory testing and detailed mathematical modeling.
  • Review of design for existing or new structures, and act as an independent engineering and review consultant and third-party checker.
  • Provide support and consultancy to other consultants in highly specialized and sophisticated aspects of project analysis and design.
  • Undertake general modeling, analysis and design projects of interest