Another important activity of the Center is to disseminate practical information and knowledge through the publication of magazines, books, training manuals, technical notes and technical reports. Over the years the outcome of various research, training and development activities has been documented and published, extensively.

Civil Computing is a quarterly, highly informative publication of the Center intending to keep the readers in touch with the latest development in the field of computer application in civil and structural engineering. Articles and topics are contributed from professionals as well as academics from around the world with special contribution from researchers from AIT and ACECOMS. The magazine has been circulated to over 6000 readers in the recent years.

Technical Reports include the outcome from the research and consultancy projects as well as specialized technical information regarding particular problems and issues.

Software Manuals /Training Notes cover special topics, step-by-step examples and training notes written for effective application of various software developed and promoted by the Center. Books are written and published to provide greater and deeper understanding into the topics addressed in the Technical Notes, Magazine articles and training notes etc.


This new issue of Technology magazine with the theme [Collaborative Innovation] aims at providing the readers a glimpse into the multifaceted world of innovations and collaborative efforts.The magazine, besides highlighting innovations in various sectors, also provides information on the empowerment that a community can attain through technological innovations.

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This issue of Technology magazine provides overview of research in the provision of affordable housing  and prevents several innovatives, articles, and experiences that the community may find great value in.

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This issue of Technology magazine presents several initiatives, propositions, and experiences from 11 contributors covering the field of disaster resilience from different perspectives such as remote-sensing, water resources engineering, environments, public health, and capacity building. To read all the articles, download the third issue of Technology: High | Low


This issue focuses on the ongoing global movement on Green Technology covering original research, opinions, and news. To read all the articles, download the second issue of Technology: High | Low