SAP2000 19.1.0 Enhancements

Graphical User Interface
DirectX graphics has been enhanced for quality and speed.


On-screen measuring tools available for measuring length, area, and angles.


  • Moment and shear releases can now be assigned to the edges of shell-type area objects.
  • Time-dependent material behavior now available per Eurocode 2-2004, AS 3600-2009, NZS 3101-2006, JTG D62-2004 codes and the GL2000 model. This includes creep and shrinkage strain as well as age-dependent stiffness.
  • Vietnamese concrete and rebar material libraries now available.

Frame Design
Steel frame design per the API RP 2A-WSD 22nd Edition code has been implemented.


Convergence behavior of the friction-pendulum and triple-pendulum isolator link elements has been enhanced.

Results Display & Output
Velocity and acceleration response for time-history load cases can now be plotted.